Like Magic! Press Release

Like Magic! Cookbook merges scientific principles with culinary arts for better cooking results every time 


ROCKY HARBOUR, Newfoundland and Labrador – (November 17, 2022) Food scientist and Red Seal chef, Colleen Hiscock’s cookbook “Like Magic!” is now on sale on Chapters Indigo, Amazon Canada, Amazon US, Barnes & Noble and  This beautiful cookbook explores the fundamentals of food science in a straightforward way and targets a broad audience from beginner to foodies who want to improve their culinary skills and knowledge.  

“Like Magic!” explains everything from how to emulsify a salad dressing, perfectly bake pastries, prevent your holiday turkey from coming out too dry, to why inexpensive cuts of meat can be chewy – all using food science. Following the principles in “Like Magic!” means better flavour, reduced food costs in our inflationary times, and an overall improvement in the dining experience from market to table.  

“Food scientists know the scientific principles behind thickening, browning, combining or separating ingredients,” says author Colleen Hiscock. “For example, a food scientist can tell you exactly what is happening to gingerbread dough at every step of its preparation. They can explain what happens at a molecular level when that dough is baked and what changes to expect if temperatures or baking times are changed. By following the principles in ‘Like Magic!’ you can avoid frustrations such as hollandaise sauce breaking and instead make delicious food that will impress your family and friends again and again and again.” 

‘Like Magic!’ explains what you need to do, why you need to do it, and how to get the best from your food to optimize flavour, your health, and your well-being.  

About Colleen Hiscock 

Colleen Hiscock, B.Sc. chef and food scientist, has 30 years’ experience developing food products for the food industry and for Canadians. She held high-level positions with Maple Leaf Foods and Olymel and recently retired as Vice President, Research and Development, from Sofina Foods Inc. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry (food science) from Memorial University, a certificate in haute cuisine from George Brown College, and an inter-provincial Red Seal in the culinary field. Colleen is also a Six Sigma Black Belt, which she earned while working at Maple Leaf Foods. She and her husband, Leslie, are proud owners of Java Jack’s Restaurant and Gallery in Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador. Colleen also sells a line of gourmet preserves and bakery mixes online and through many retail and gift stores. 

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